Sodium Cyanate Manufaturer
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Sodium Cyanate
Packaging Information HDPE Bags inside liner of  25kgs, 50Kgs, 500kgs Capacity
Specification CAS Number: 917-61-3 Synonym: Cyanic Acid,  Sodium  Salt, Natriumcyanat 9, Cianato de sodio, Cyanate de sodium Molecular  Weight: 65.01 Empirical  Formula: NaOCn
Physical property  Melting Point: 550°C Density: 1.893 g/cm3 Solubility: 10 gm at 25ºC Physical  Appearance:  Free Flowing  White  Powder Assay:                                NLT 90% Soda Ash Content:  NMT 10% Moisture:                           NMT 0.5 % Fe Content:  NMT 50 ppm
Sodium cyanate Application o Sodium Cyanate is  mainly used as herbicides & in heat treatment of metal. o It also used as a fertilizer because sodium cyanate contains high volume of nitrogen. o Sodium cyanate  is  also  used  in  the  synthesis  of pesticides and dyes intermediates. o It is also used in the syntheses of pesticides, detergents and plastic additives.
Please enquire for further technical information  and your specific requirement in small and bulk quantities of Sodium Cyanate.